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Having Second Thoughts on Proposed Dental Treatment?

It is not uncommon that one will have second thoughts on the proposed dental treatment after a visit to a dentist, especially when there are many treatment proposed and/or the whole treatment may costs you a downpayment for a car!

What should one do if you are concern about the proposed treatment plan / having second thoughts?

1. Feel free to ask questions (not questioning) when you do not fully understand what is the proposed treatment.

2. Do not afraid to say "no" when the consultation becomes a sales talk.

3. Never tell your dentist that "money" is not an issue. It will become the motivating factor for the dentist.

4. It is perfectly all right to "shop" around, because end of the day, you would want a nice set of teeth that are reasonably priced.

5. Ensure that you are seeing the right specialist for the problem.

6. Feel free to seek second opinion, for any reasons that makes you feel uncomfortable with your dentist, such as he / she is not qualified to handle your dental issues or you do not have a good rapport with your dentist.

7. When you are unsure of the proposed treatment plan or whether the treatment is / are necessary.

Even though there isn't a foolproof treatment / medical plan, it is common that there are different treatment management / options for the existing dental condition.

The most important thing of all, is that for you (as a patient) to make an informed decision before committing to any proposed treatment.

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